Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Re-think the resolutions!

Three months ago the New Years resolutions were going strong... Are they working for you now? Were they realistic? Time effecient? Did you have an achievable goal? The "I'm going to get up at 4 am and workout for one hour every day till I lose 25 lbs" resolutions are NOT realistic. Kids, work, home, significant other, being just plain tired makes you miss one or two - then a weeks worth, then you think "why bother?"

Re-evaluate your goal - a little time management and planning go a long way. Get up at 4am? Really? Haven't you always been a night owl?

Start with looking at your natural bio-rythms; late nighter or early morning riser? When do you rush like a crazy person vs a few moments to breathe? Do you really have time to drive to a gym accross town because they had a two for one offer - or would it be best if you had a program for home? How much time do you REALLY have to workout - consistently? If it's only 15 minutes - GREAT - compound exercises combine multiple muscle groups in one exercise! You can do 5 to 6 different exercises - like lunges with bicep curls - squats and overhead presses - side planks with lateral leg lifts - and with consistency, you CAN accomplish your goal.

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