Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm sooooo tired!

I'm so tired right now I could fall asleep at my desk. I could go get a quick cup of coffee... or an energy drink...or even a candy bar. I would feel a little better for a short time - then - BOOM! I'll drop like a lead balloon, and feel worse than I do right this minute. I DO NOT need to experience the re-occurance of a foggy brain!

THE best way to increase your energy is...(and you will think this is really counter- intiutive) a quick 10 minute cardio burst - get my heart rate up, my blood pumping, my limbs moving. As a result, my brain will unfog and I'll be able to put sentences together again! This will keep me going for at least 3 hours (then I can do it again!)and it's actually....HEALTHY!

So, use your coffee break to walk - or run- or jump rope. You will be surprised how quickly you feel energized! Have a great day! Stay focused, stay fit!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Big boned? Baby Fat ...still? Stop kidding yourself!

"I'm big boned"; "I'm carrying my pregnancy baby fat" (still, really? after 5 or 10... years?) "I'm fighting menopause". It's not about your weight - it's about your size.

Enough! Stop kidding yourself - YOU ARE OVERFAT, AND IT'S TIME TO GET REAL... because the reality of being overweight stinks. Overweight people have a higher risk for cardiopulmonary disease (heart attacks too); asthma, cancer, joint issues, (bad feet especially)...diabetes, and the list goes on and on. NOT to mention how you feel about yourself!

Excuses are just that - excuses. No time (I can totally relate to this one); no energy; no equipment (who needs a bunch of equipment? - see my bathroom workout from channel 4!); no room (did I mention a workout in your bathroom?) - great excuses that do nothing for you.

Start right this minute - sitting at your computer place your feet flat on the floor- now stand up- sit down-stand up- sit down - SQUATS! Seriously get your body moving throughout the day - do not sit still for more than one hour at a time - then move your body (no, not for another cup of coffee).

Get Real - get moving - get healthy and feeling good about yourself!
If you would like a copy of tmy bathroom workout, email me at

Saturday, March 13, 2010

You REALLY want me to do HOMEWORK?

When you were in school, you had homework to do. Is homework is important? Of course it is! Did you go from 1st grade to high school? Of course not - learning is a process - step by step, until you can answer tough questions without much difficulty.

Same thing goes for your muscles - learn some new exercise and it is really tough; at first. With continuous use, muscles get stronger - and then work even when you aren't thinking specifically about them - so that your body graduates from 1st grade up to 2nd, and so on.

When a trainer gives a client HOMEWORK, guess what? We can tell if you do it - or not! Tests are given a lot of different ways - mentally and physically - will you pass your next pop quiz?

Congrats to my last client "A"; she's been doing her homework between our biweekly sessions and has made HUGE advances in her fight to activate muscles! MS is a tough disease - but she keeps on working hard and is stronger and more mobile than ever! I'm proud of you!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What in the world is FUNCTIONAL TRAINING?

We've all heard the buzz words - "core"- "pelvic floor engagement" - "stabilization exercises" - "compound exercises" -"functional training"; do you have ANY IDEA what they mean? What's the core: your abs? Is pelivc floor engagment a fancy word for kiegels? Stabilization - that means just staying still, right?

Functional Training is just a fancy phrase for what humans do every day of their lives - move! You don't move one muscle group at a time unless you act like a robot. You move in all different angles, with muscles in your legs, back, abs and arms moving at the same time.

Functional training works your body in the manner your body moves - different directions usually at the same time. Working your arms while doing a leg exercise like a lunge or squat helps to keep your body strong and stable, not to mention balanced. You don't live your life seated - (a popular TRX saying)- so don't exercise that way. Standing with diagonal movements helps keep your back and abs strong - no more reaching for a can and wrenching your back!

Think of the way you live your life - bending and reaching; Straightening and pulling; pushing and twisting. Exercises that help strengthen muscles during those moves keep you safe - and strong. Find a NATIONALLY BOARD CERTIFIED TRAINER to help you discover the functional movements in you!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Re-think the resolutions!

Three months ago the New Years resolutions were going strong... Are they working for you now? Were they realistic? Time effecient? Did you have an achievable goal? The "I'm going to get up at 4 am and workout for one hour every day till I lose 25 lbs" resolutions are NOT realistic. Kids, work, home, significant other, being just plain tired makes you miss one or two - then a weeks worth, then you think "why bother?"

Re-evaluate your goal - a little time management and planning go a long way. Get up at 4am? Really? Haven't you always been a night owl?

Start with looking at your natural bio-rythms; late nighter or early morning riser? When do you rush like a crazy person vs a few moments to breathe? Do you really have time to drive to a gym accross town because they had a two for one offer - or would it be best if you had a program for home? How much time do you REALLY have to workout - consistently? If it's only 15 minutes - GREAT - compound exercises combine multiple muscle groups in one exercise! You can do 5 to 6 different exercises - like lunges with bicep curls - squats and overhead presses - side planks with lateral leg lifts - and with consistency, you CAN accomplish your goal.