Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Big boned? Baby Fat ...still? Stop kidding yourself!

"I'm big boned"; "I'm carrying my pregnancy baby fat" (still, really? after 5 or 10... years?) "I'm fighting menopause". It's not about your weight - it's about your size.

Enough! Stop kidding yourself - YOU ARE OVERFAT, AND IT'S TIME TO GET REAL... because the reality of being overweight stinks. Overweight people have a higher risk for cardiopulmonary disease (heart attacks too); asthma, cancer, joint issues, (bad feet especially)...diabetes, and the list goes on and on. NOT to mention how you feel about yourself!

Excuses are just that - excuses. No time (I can totally relate to this one); no energy; no equipment (who needs a bunch of equipment? - see my bathroom workout from channel 4!); no room (did I mention a workout in your bathroom?) - great excuses that do nothing for you.

Start right this minute - sitting at your computer place your feet flat on the floor- now stand up- sit down-stand up- sit down - SQUATS! Seriously get your body moving throughout the day - do not sit still for more than one hour at a time - then move your body (no, not for another cup of coffee).

Get Real - get moving - get healthy and feeling good about yourself!
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