Thursday, April 22, 2010

Congrats to our Boston Marathoner!!!

LEARN WHAT TOOLS YOUR BODY NEEDS TO WORK 100%... JUST LIKE J DID!: "Hi Val, Well, another one bites the dust – Boston is history! It was fantastic. I felt really good the whole time – no cramping in my calves like prior times. Just some cramping in my toes, but I found that if I pressed a little into the ball of my foot at push off the cramping subsided. I think it might be caused by the way my foot strikes or maybe I am pushing off too much with my toes. On the down hills I think I did a lot better than last time. I am doing better at rolling down the hill and not braking. I feel a lot more confident with my balance since I discovered my laterals a few months ago – where have they been all this time? The flat part of the course was really not flat but rolling hills – but that was ok since different muscle groups were working on and off. I was ready for the hills – I thought about you counting “a’s” and it popped in my mind to count spectators with red shirts. It really worked!! Also tried not to over think the pace and maintain something that felt good. One of my goals was to feel good the last 5-6 miles of the race and I really achieved that. I actually enjoyed the last sprint (well kind of a sprint) down Boyleston through all the cheering masses. My husband at the finish line said he couldn’t believe how good I looked when I passed him by. I was happy with my finishing time of 4:18 – it was 15 minutes faster than the first Boston Marathon in 2008. Today I feel fine – a little stiff but not much more than I would feel after a long training run. The weather for the race was perfect 50 degrees, party sunny and a little wind that was mostly a crosswind and sometimes even a tail wind. The crowds were along the course the whole time – very motivational.

"Everytime I run I think of how much I have learned from you. Running is not just putting one foot in front of the other. It is a whole body effort and you have helped me to wake up those sleeping muscles that used just to go along for the ride. Much better when everything works together. Thanks again for your help and support – couldn’t have done it without you". Thanks - J