Monday, April 6, 2009

Your Daily Routine is an Opportunity for Fitness

We should all devote at least 30 minutes each day to exercise...

We should all revamp our diets to include fish, chicken, veggies and fruit...

We should limit our intake of alcohol, red meat and sugar...

But let's be realistic - Life happens.

There will be days when we crave fast food or pizza, and we actually indulge that craving.

There will be vacations that include drinking, eating and total over-indulgence.

And there will definitely be days that the right foot has trouble steeping in line with the left, and there is no way either foot will find its way to the gym.

Ok - I know there are very few of us out there able to emulate the woman in the photo above. However, what I want you to concentrate on where this woman is working out.

She is in her hotel room.

My point is, we won't always be able to get to a gym but there are other options when it comes to getting our 30 minutes of daily exercise.

Here are some recommended options that will get you moving before you ever leave the house:

- Do squats while brushing your teeth.

- Do lunges while drying your hair.

- Stand on one leg while washing your face.

All of these count as activity. Each will help build core muscles, increase stability and raise your heart rate. Doing these short exercises will allow your body to continue improving on the days you can't find time to visit the gym.

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