Monday, April 20, 2009

Avoiding Vacation Weight Gain While Still Enjoying the Cuisine

What are your plans for the upcoming months? A gondola ride in Venice? Sleeping under a grass hut in Aruba? Climbing Machu Picchu? Bungee jumping in New Zealand? Sipping vodka in Russia?

Whether your travels take you to exotic lands, or a campground down the road, I can almost guarantee you will come home with a few extra pounds. But you don't have to.

Camping will tempt you with smores. Venice will tantalize your taste buds with pasta and cannolis. And Arubans will place fancy drinks with cute umbrellas in your hand almost immediately.

Traveling is a time to immerse yourself in the culture. Drink the locals' favorite beverage. Sample the native cuisine. Enjoy happy hour at the local pub.

Vacation is not a time to stress over calories. However, it is a time to be cognisant of what you are consuming, how much and what activity you are performing to counteract the calorie increase.

Indulge in your favorite cocktail...once, not all day. Eat authentic Italian pasta...but choose the red tomato based sauce, not Alfredo or cream sauce.
Visiting a new town, city or country is the perfect opportunity to lace-up your walking shoes and take to the streets. Take the centuries-old stairs instead of the modern elevator. Explore the city by foot rather than tour bus. Choose to dine at quaint local restaurants instead of chain establishments reached only by car. Get a local map from the hotel and go exploring, stopping at galleries and landmarks along the way. Rent a bicycle and take in the sights and smells along the trails.
If you keep your activity level raised, there is no reason you can't enjoy a mouthwatering cannoli, while still keeping your figure in tact.

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