Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Green Smoothie - Recipe for Health

I finally perfected my Green Smoothie. It doesn't look good but I promise that it is really yummy and about as healthy as you can get.

I'm not a big veggie girl so this really has made a difference in my overall health. I also add some things for energy.
Just try it once...I know you will love it!!
2 C. of torn organic greens packed (I use Kale, Collard Greend and Spinach and sometimes Bok Choy, but you can use whatever greens are in season...just rip them up and pack them down some to make two cups....I use my blender to measure so I don't have a bunch of dirty dishes)
4 large frozen organic Strawberries
1 large frozen organic banana (peel the banana, wrap it in plastic wrap and freeze it can break it up before you put it in the blender)
1/2 cup frozen organic blueberries
1 TBS organic amber honey (I like Wholesome Sweetners brand...could be biased it is made in Sugarland, TX)
1 TBS organic Bee Pollen
1TBS Flax Seed Oil
2 C. organic Green Tea (I nuke an organic tea bag in 1 C. of water and add ice to chill it quickly and make up the difference in volume)
Blend and enjoy!

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