Monday, April 20, 2009

Want Steady Results? Be Careful Not To Over-Train!

As summer approaches, we often find ourselves working out much harder, and much more frequently that usual. All in hopes of shedding those few extra pounds before we have to exchange figure hiding sweatshirts for clingy tank tops.

While it is true that doing extra cardio will help drop the pounds a little faster, over-training can have the opposite effect.

It is crucial for our bodies receive the appropriate amount of recovery to allow for the aerobic and/or anaerobic system to be replenished.

Some common signs or symptoms of over-training are:

- Impaired physical performance
- Reduced enthusiasm and desire for training
- Increased resting heart rate
- Increased resting blood pressure
- Chronic muscle or joint soreness
- Increased incidence of colds and infections
- Increased perceived exertion during normal workouts
- Reduced appetite
- Dramatic weight loss/gain
- Disturbed sleep patterns
- Increased depression, irritability or anxiety

Specific warning signs should be addressed even on a daily basis.
You need to downgrade or eliminate a day's workout if:

- Inability to obtain a normal training heart rate
- Need excessive recovery time (e.g. during intervals)
- Heart rate that skyrockets with minimal effort
These warming signs, if ignored, can greatly increase the likelihood of injury or illness.
We all want to see results, and in society today we are even more susceptible to the "I want it, and I want it now" mentality. However, over-training can result in serious injury which will push those desired results back even further.

Be Persistent. Be Patient. And You Will See Results!

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