Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wondering Wednesday (Thur Edition)- Eliminating Stomach Flab with Nutrition and Fitness

Wondering Wednesday is here again! As always, I am answering readers' questions and I encourage you to leave a comment with a question or email me directly with any health, fitness or nutrition inquiry.

Weekly Wonder - I know you can't "spot" train, but I've been doing boot camp off and on for about a year now and have seen definite results, especially with my arms. However, I want to lose some "flab" or inches around my mid section. It doesn't ever seem to change and I'm getting a little discouraged with it.

I also need to improve my posture, which would help, but I'm usually carrying around a kid or two or on the floor playing with them, and I tend to resume my poor habits.

I know that my diet/nutrition is probably to blame, but I have a hard time with that as well. I have 3 kids (ages 5, 3 1/2, and 19 months) and the second I walk in from boot camp as my husband is walking out to go to work, they are running circles around me to eat, play, help with this, change a diaper, etc - I seem to just eat what I can as fast as I can and its not always healthy and then I'm just hungry all the time.

Answer: Flab around the middle – yes, posture exercises make that diminish! Make sure you perform two to three back exercises for every front exercise… when hanging on the floor with the kids, do some forearm planks (keep your shoulders pulled back and waist band lifted).

To lose “flab” - exercise is hugely important, but nutrition is about 75% of it! When the kids are resting, or anytime you make dinner – cook in batches. Make extra chicken breasts – slice them up, put a serving size in a baggie and store in fridge (lasts about 5 days); buy the salad pre-made and presto…instant healthy lunch! Breakfast? Scramble an egg or two while making the kids’ breakfast – it only take a minute. Hard boil some eggs (I do a dozen at a time) for snacks.

NEVER, NEVER CLEAN YOUR CHILDREN’S PLATES! That's the worse habit a Mom can have -and we have all done it.

There is a reason the airlines announce to place the oxygen mask on yourself before you place one on your child…cuz if momma ain't healthy, everyone suffers. It’s ok to tell JR he has to wait for you to do something with him while you make your salad; children need to know that you value yourself too!

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