Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Myths Debunked - My muscle will turn into fat if I don't exercise

Let's face it - We have all heard the old adage that a lack of exercise will result in all that hard earned muscle becoming nothing more than fat on our body and a roll hanging over the top of our jeans.

Just look at this poor dog here...I am sure his owner (a regular dog walker) had to take a business trip and when he got back Fido had turned into the pic you see below!

[photo courtesy]

All kidding aside, apples can't turn into oranges any more than muscle cells can turn into fat cells.

Muscles that aren't being used atrophy, or shrink, but they do not disappear. If you keep eating, but stop exercising, you will inevitably gain fat. That combined with your muscles shrinking from lack of use is what causes people to think their muscles simply became fat.

In reality, the balance simply became skewed resulting in a less toned look.

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