Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wondering Wednesday - How to workout when you suffer back spasms

Today is my first "Wondering Wednesday" post. From now on, I will take fitness and nutrition questions from blog readers. I will take these questions throughout the week, and answer them each Wednesday. These can be anything from a generic question about a specific exercise, to a complex question  concerning what type of workouts are appropriate for cancer patients. I have a wealth of knowledge, and years in the industry. I know it can be difficult to get educated answers off the Internet, so I am creating this forum for people to ask me anything they are curious about.

Our first question: "When you are having back issues, such as tightness that causes spasms, what is the best way to exercise without suffering an injury?"

This a problem many people suffer. Back issues plague many Americans, whether it's the lower back or upper back around the neck and shoulders. First, it is important to understand the reason a muscle spasms is to restrict movement to protect the muscle group from further injury. Listening to your body is important. Walking and swimming are the best exercises for you to begin with. Always make sure you perform some safe and gentle stretches at the end of your cardio workout - I will send you some via email if you contact me directly at rockworkout {at} gmail [dot] com. After a few weeks of walking/swimming, add abdominal and back strengthening/stretching combinations to help strengthen weak muscles, and stretch tight areas. Working on your postural muscles with the help of a physical therapist or knowledgeable trainer will help in the prevention of future flair-ups.

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