Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cardio Strip Fit

There's a new class in town for those who feel a little saucy and want to have fun. Rock workout is holding a complimentary strip fit class, Tuesday, July 7th at 5:45 pm. Bring your heels, your sense of adventure and join us for this amazing class taught by Michell Jefferson.

Michell is a former Ram's Cheerleader. But more than that she is a highly accomplished dancer who has performed with such acts as Vanessa Williams, Nelly and Tyrese. Michell will use her extensive performance background to give you the best workout with the most fun.

We recommend that you wear at least 2" heels to get the proper hip movements. Comfy clothes that give you a good range of motion are the best. Don't worry we won't be removing any items of clothing!

Our goal for Tuesday evening is to introduce you to a fun cardio program that doesn't feel like exercise.

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