Friday, July 10, 2009

Feature Friday - TRX - Who Knew Hanging From Straps Could Be Such Great Exercise?

I am so excited to do this Feature Friday! As a trainer, we see so many pieces of equipment burst on the scene and quickly fade from the industry as people realize it isn't effective. The TRX Suspension Trainer, however, will be a mainstay for the years to come.

This type of training has been used on the most elite athletes, as well as men and women with special needs. In fact, this is the most versatile piece of equipment I have ever used in training my clients.

TRX is a creation of one of our country's elite Navy SEALs and is used throughout the world to train our military for the harshest environment, while preparing their bodies to be pushed to the limit.

The TRX consists of suspended parachute straps, enabling users of all abilities to harness their body weight and create ultimate resistance while limiting stress on joints.

The benefits of Suspension Training reach far beyond the fitness elite. It decreases body fat while increasing strength, core stability, flexibility and balance in everyone. In just 30 minutes, clients will obtain a full-body workout regardless of their starting fitness level.

In fact, the TRX is being used in senior wellness programs because the movements are easy to modify for various fitness levels, and it enables seniors to exercise without the fear of falling.

In fact, I can place a grandmother next to a performance elite and both will receive the same full-body workout in the same amount of time. The TRX is about improving movement, not simply building muscle.

Suspension Training continues to grow in popularity with professional athletes, military personnel and various clients at personal training facilities across the country. However, if you don't live near a fitness facility that offers TRX classes, you can visit the Fitness Anywhere site and order one you can mount in your home, or take to your local park and enjoy the scenery while getting an intense workout.

Here are some pictures taken during a TRX class at rock.

Clients enjoy doing push-ups in a non-traditional manner.

Here I am demonstrating the "row." Clients will feel this particular sequence throughout their entire body, as they pull their full body weight off the ground and into the air.

This class is guaranteed to improve your strength, core stability and overall balance.

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  1. NIce article! I liked it! Do you use the TRX daily? are you a certified instructor as well? I just landed on your blog but will check it out a little more :) Keep sharing the love my friend
    Be Well!
    Marc Coronel