Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No - if it's easy, it's not going to work...for long.

"Buy this now and get in shape by Christmas"..."Two pills before meals is all you need to lose unwanted fat"..."Attach to your abs and abs get toned and tight while you sleep"..."I just exercised 10 minutes a day on my new ab killer machine and lost 12 inches in my waist - and still ate what I wanted".

Ok - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH...NOTHING, I REPEAT NOTHING works any better than good ole-fashioned hard work - monitor your eating - and drinking alcohol. If it's easy, everyone on this planet would be fit and trim...so why is obesity on the rise?

Do not be afraid of sweating - or grunting while lifting weights ( lifting weights will not bulk you up. STOP WITH THE QUICK FIXES - get ready for the New You - through dedicated, EDUCATED exercise! Join me, won't you? Val

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