Monday, March 2, 2009

Tips For Healthy Eating

Often times, we spend hours in the gym and remain unsatisfied with our weight loss progress. You may be feeling stronger. Your endurance is increasing. However, you are not shedding the body fat you need to.

The following nutritional tips will help you feel better and increase your energy, while helping you lose the extra pounds that are most difficult to lose.

1. Make it Realistic - Make one change at a time. Eat breakfast this week. Next week cut out diet soda.

2. Allow a little fun - Allowing yourself to have "little treats" along the way will reduce the risk of binging.

3. Stock the shelves with good stuff - If the junk food is out of sight, you will find yourself reaching for an apple when you are hungry.

4. Think of food as a fuel - Before you put it in your mouth, ask yourself what that food offers you.

5. Plan ahead - Try to plan what you will eat for the day, and even the week. This will help you avoid last minute decisions like pizza and fast food.

6. Have a back up plan - Keep healthy snacks like dried fruits, nuts or nutrition bars in your car and office. This will help keep you out of the drive through line at McDonald's.

7. Don't starve yourself - Instead, eat 6 small meals a day. Your metabolism will slow if it thinks you are starving.

8. Don't give up - Don't fall just because you trip. We all have bad days. Just don't give up!

9. Drink healthy - Don't drink sugary drinks with empty calories. Instead, drink water or green tea.

10. Cook proteins in batches - Instead of cooking 1 chicken breast for dinner, cook 4 at once so you can eat the others for lunch, snacks, on salads, etc...

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